Louis is away at the moment in Europe, the site will finish it's make over when he gets back and we will get the comp going, thanks for waiting. The site is a mess at the moment because he had to leave and didn't get to finish it. if someone could make a banner that would be great.

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[Guide] To The Forum!

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A Guide To BikeTroll Forums!

Hey All

This site at first seems a lot more complicated than pinkbike with all the various buttons and options but after a few days you will be able to navigate it blind folded!
After reading this guide that is.

This guide will cover the following:

Arrow Basic Navigation
Arrow Posting Replys & Creating Topics/Threads
Arrow User Groups
Arrow Profile Set Up (includes getting an avatar & signature & Friends/Foes)
Arrow Gallery & Uploading pictures
Arrow Points system
Arrow Reputation system
Arrow FAQ

Arrow XAT chat box

Arrow Basic Navigation

Okay the basis of navigating this forum is the navigation bar at the top of the page ( like pinkbike )

"Home" leads you to the forums where you create topics and reply to them
"Portal" Is the proper homepage where you will see latest topics on the left hand side ( like pinkbike ) as well as the main news in the middle of it all ( like pinkbike ), You will also find the site chat box there under the news section ( bottom middle )

The rest of the items on the nav bar are fairly obvious or are covered later in this guide


Arrow Posting Replys & Creating Topics/Threads

To post a reply you find the thread/topic you want to reply on and then click the post reply button located at the top left of the window or bottom left

To Find out what all the buttons mean refer to this image for help:

[Guide] To The Forum! Postin10

Arrow To post a Topic you go to "home" find the category that suits your thread best and then after clicking the category click "new topic" in the top right and fairly similar to posting a reply from there
One big difference is, is that you have the option of adding a poll, see image below:

[Guide] To The Forum! If_you10

And go from there


Arrow User Groups

Don't worry about them

They will be explained and become available at a later date


ArrowProfile Set Up (includes getting an avatar & signature & Friends/Foes)

Basically this picture will explain it all:

[Guide] To The Forum! Profil10


Arrow Gallery & Uploading pictures

The gallery is where you can publicly upload your pictures of your bikes, riding styles and what ever else you might want to show as well as manage your own albums and view others like pinkbike

once again this picture should explain most of it:

[Guide] To The Forum! Galler10


Arrow Points & Reputation system

you get:
3points for creating a topic
1point for adding a reply/comment
5points for adding someone as a friend
5points for a profile message

why earn points?
i will eventually open up a little on site shop where you can exchange the points you've earned for things like personalization such as name change, change the color of your name, icons etc

you get:
1rep for a positive vote ( + )
-1rep for a negative vote ( - )
3rep for a "thanks"

see below:

[Guide] To The Forum! Reputa10


Arrow FAQ Arrow http://biketroll.forumotion.com/faq

Visit it for more detailed Q&A's


Arrow XAT chat box

The chat box is an extremely cool feature we have on the homepage (portal) thats great fun to chat with each other

when you first log into it you will get a really weird name so:

[Guide] To The Forum! Click_10

If you click on other peoples names in the list you will have more options such as to add them to friends (this does not get you point or add them to forums friends list)
you may notice that some people have different colors because they have different powers in the chat box:


So i Think i have covered all the main essentials in enough detail and i try'd to make it as visually clear as possible with the pictures

Remember if you have more questions FEEL FREE TO ASK by leaving a reply or visiting the FAQ

Happy Trolling!


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Sounds like a plan, PHP makes awesome forums. :joker: :study: 🐘 :bounce:

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